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E-Mobility and Charging Stations: Green Power for the Europe of the Future

Schrack Technik takes green to the limit and provides car charging stations which meet today’s demands for sustainability and versatility.

Against a background of environmental disasters, climate change and the like, companies need to raise sustainability higher on their agendas. In fact, they are expected to root the principles of eco-friendliness and environmental sustainability deep into their philosophies and guiding principles. A promising way to take account of these new business requirements is to effectively reduce or altogether prevent emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulates. This is a route that Schrack Technik has already taken since long ago with eco-friendly innovations in the field of electromobility.

Individual Power for Individual Solutions

With a wide range of charging stations for both indoor and outdoor use - charging units of different heights, wall-mounted sockets and other designs - Schrack Technik offers the ideal solution for every application. Intelligent features such as load breaking at load drops, server-independent payment processing on a central database, intuitive handling, remote maintenance and automatic shutdown after charging has finished, make the portfolio of Schrack Technik unique in the market. These benefits convinced one of the major electricity providers in Vienna, Wien Energie GmbH, to turn their customer service more powerful with vehicle charging stations from Schrack Technik. Now, an electric fuel card from Wien Energie or from a partner company of the Austrian Mobile Power Platform is all a Wien Energie customer needs to charge her or his car. The card works with RFID technology and identifies the customer automatically at the charging unit. Billing is also automated with a quarterly invoice sent directly to the customer.

A Viennese car park operator, Wipark Garagen GmbH, is also using charging stations from Schrack Technik in their parking garages. In nine of their car parks in Vienna, owners of electric vehicles can park their cars and at the same time recharge the batteries. As a novelty, implemented for the first time in this system, the charging stations are directly interfaced with the parking system. As a result, customers use a parking card to conveniently identify themselves at the charging station and the system puts the costs for parking and refuelling together on a single invoice during checkout.

Combining electromobility with renewable energy sources provides climate-friendly transportation and is a significant step towards an energy self-sufficient future.

E-Mobility Catalogue Charging Stations 2017

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