Schrack Technik GmbH, Wien


Welcome to Schrack Technik

We are a leading Austrian branded company specialized in electrical and power equipment, data and network systems, lighting solutions for the industry as well as the building and housing sector.

Our activities focus on products and solutions for energy optimization, industrial and building safety, data transfer, office and living comfort.

High-quality products, technical expertise and one-to-one customer service are at the core of what we do.


Our performed activities use energy and resources and impact on our environment. Therefore, we want to use resources as efficiently as possible to avoid environmental repercussions wherever it is reasonable and feasible.

With our innovative products, we also contribute to the reduction of CO² pollution of our environment.

We consider the legal provisions the minimum standards. It is our ambition to exceed the legal and regulatory requirements if it is possible and reasonable.

We have developed contingency procedures to ensure the proper and fast response of all participants and persons concerned in order to keep the environmental impact as low as possible in case of any emergency-related incidents.


We define our targets in processes and procedures which we review, evaluate and improve continuously.

The individual steps in the implementation of improvements will be defined and passed on to the owners of the processes who transferred them to the employees.



We support our employees through training and education with all the latest resources in technical and commercial matters, and provide secure, stable jobs for long-term relationships with our business partners.


Our customers are at the centre of what we do. We record customer requests and pay attention to our customers’ needs.

We contribute to their success through systematic, process-driven, economic and reliable performance.

In so doing, we obtain high customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and increase the value of our company.


The strong customer service and continuous development of our products and services have top priority in our corporate culture.

We support our customers to remain competitive to the best of our abilities with the high quality of our products and advice on site and in our offices and stores, well as through our electronic tools and apps.


Our vision is the market leadership on our markets. We compete to be the best and most reliable partner for our customers in our product categories and our sales region.

Corporate Policy and Mission Statement

For decades, Schrack Technik has distinguished itself for the benefit of its customers in the low-voltage technology range as a competent partner in electrical power technology, industrial equipment, control panel building, facilities installations, safety lighting, data networking, lighting solutions and photovoltaics.

Majority Shareholding

At the beginning of 2015, Hannover Finanz sold its shareholdings in the Schrack Technik Group:

  • Schrack Technik management team obtains majority interest
  • All management positions remain unchanged
  • ILAG obtains a minority shareholding

Martin Walka, managing director at Hannover Finanz Austria: "As an investor with a focus on sustainability, we take great care to find a solid solution when we withdraw from our shareholdings."

"Collaboration with Hannover Finanz has been very successful for the past ten years. It was always a partnership of equals with our management team", adds Schrack CEO Wilhelm Grosseibl. "With ILAG, an investor focused on a long-term approach and an industrial background comes aboard", says Großeibl about ILAG.


ILAG, the Industrieliegenschaftenverwaltung AG, is a Vienna based real-estate and investment holding company with a focus on the industrial sector. The corporation, which was founded 25 years ago, is active in the areas of real-estate investment, agricultural and forestry plots, and investments in power, food and high-tech businesses in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Canada.


We provide excellent business and technical solutions. We give our clients personal attention and rapid service.

Comprehensive information about our products is available through consultations and catalogues, on our web site, in our consulting centres anytime, anywhere.

Regularly, we review customer satisfaction and customer needs to continuously improve our services.