Schrack Technik GmbH, Wien


S-Relay is the New Product Line in Plug-in Relays

The technical details at a glance:

  • Contact chambers
  • Mechanical indicator
  • Test button
  • VDE tested

The reinforced insulation around the contacts allows different contact voltages. Thanks to its optimal placement the mechanical contact position indicator is excellently visible.

The Series 4 products of the S-Relay product family excel with a convincingly energy efficient magnet system.

An additional safety feature to help identify the operating state are the SMD type high-brightness LEDs, which are optionally available. On request, it is also possible to integrate a protection diode for relays with DC coil.

What is more, the Series 4 S-Relay products offer safety according to the highest quality standards. The S-Relay product family is VDE tested and certified.

Sockets and Accessories

A matching functional socket is available for the S-Relays, which is the ideal interface in a modern look and feel.

The Plug-in Socket:

  • Clips with anti-mismating mechanism
  • Captive screws
  • Ergonomically shaped retaining clip
  • Clip-on design for 35 mm DIN rails
  • Installation on mounting plates possible


Optional accessories:

  • Labelling fields
  • LED plug-in modules
  • Protection diode plug-in module