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  • Measuring Relays

    Top-notch technology: The early fault detection provided by the measuring and monitoring relays from Schrack Technik reliably protects your system.
Voltage Monitoring Relays
Voltage Monitoring

The voltage monitoring relays from Schrack Technik will bravely safeguard your systems from overvoltage or undervoltage.

Thermistor Monitoring Relays
Thermistor Monitor

Stay in control of temperatures with our thermistor monitoring relays.

Phase Monitoring Relays
Phase Monitoring

Monitoring relays from Schrack Technik are ideal for use in three-phase systems.

Current Monitoring Relays
Current Monitoring

Quality is essential. The current monitoring relays from Schrack Technik are well worth their value.

Timer Relays
Timer Relays

Switch on and off after timed delays with the Schrack Technik timer relays.

Measuring Relays

It is impossible to keep electrical system entirely fault free. However, it is possible to minimise the impact of errors as much as possible, errors which in worst cases might result in complete system shutdown or failure. To prevent such damage, it is essential to use state-of-the-art measuring and monitoring relays, which constantly keep an eye on certain electrical and physical values. In ideal cases, in the instant an error occurs, these measuring and monitoring relays connect or disconnect, or send a defined signal to the control unit to prevent major damage to the system. Schrack Technik's range of products in this segment perfectly suits the parameters to be monitored. Our solutions of voltage monitoring relays (Series 5, Series 6), undervoltage monitoring relays (Series 5), current monitoring relays (Series 5, Series 6), phase monitoring relays (Series 5, Series 6), thermistor monitoring relays (Series 5, Series 6), and level monitoring relays (Series 5, Series 6) represent today's cutting-edge technology and offer maximum system protection.