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Amparo Circuit Breakers and Rail-Mounted Built-In Units from Schrack Technik.

What do you need for your electrical panels and distribution boards? Are you looking for built-in units that meet certified quality standards and are available promptly at a reasonable price? We have what you need: Amparo

Amparo not only offers all types of power breakers, RCBO combined MCB/RCCBs and RCDs at a reasonable price. They are all ultimately safe to use. Amparo has been VDE certified by Quality Austria and tested throughout Europe.

With fitting rails available in addition, Amparo products allow shortest possible wiring times, provide ultimate safety and show minimal thermal losses. The optimised ergonomic lateral design of the circuit breakers allows a sufficient amount of air to pass, which minimises the influence of ambient air temperatures. Amparo products also give you the well-known Schrack Technik top-availability head start.

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Quality Austria Certificate

Environment and sustainability mean more to us than empty buzzwords. In our company we live environmental protection. Therefore, we had an independent institute certify our eco-friendliness according to the ISO 14001 standard.

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