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Here You Will Find All There is to Know About Relays from Schrack Technik

Whatever the application, for which you need a relay, Schrack Technik will be able to provide the right choice. 

Click on the topics below to find out everything about relays.

Measuring Relays
Measuring Relays

Optimum protection for your system with measuring and monitoring relays from Schrack Technik

Voltage Monitoring Relays
Voltage Monitoring

The voltage monitoring relays from Schrack Technik will bravely safeguard your systems from overvoltage or undervoltage.

Thermistor Monitoring Relays
Thermistor Monitor

Stay in control of temperatures with our thermistor monitoring relays.

Level Monitoring Relays
Level Monitoring R

Reliable monitoring of liquids and filling levels? It's easy with our level monitoring relays

Phase Monitoring Relays
Phase Monitoring

Monitoring relays from Schrack Technik are ideal for use in three-phase systems.

Current Monitoring Relays
Current Monitoring

Quality is essential. The current monitoring relays from Schrack Technik are well worth their value.

Timer Relays
Timer Relays

Switch on and off after timed delays with the Schrack Technik timer relays.

Print Relays
Print Relays

Schrack print relays are made of a material which is easy to solder.