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    With this tool you can easily configure lightning current and overvoltage arresters, create the full documentation set, and generate the complete parts list.

Lightning Surge Protection: Fast and Accurate Configuration

Schrack Protect helps you to configure the inner lightning surge protection with ease and makes sure it complies with applicable standards according to EN 62305. You will not only get a complete list of the required parts, you can simultaneously generate the full documentation and immediately order all the articles.

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Functionalities of Schrack Protect

1. Project Details

The Project Details include general information, such as project name, address, contact person, and a description or comment. This information will then be used to generate the documentation. It can help to identify the project individually.

2. Inner Lightning Surge Protection (Surge Arresters)

In a first step you will determine the suitable article for the main distribution board. To do so, you will need to input information such as 'is there an outer lighting surge protection', and the surface area covered. In order to determine the correct lightning surge current rating according to EN 62305, you must select both the building type and the usage type. Additionally, you can define a building option. As soon as you select the existing grid system, the software will suggest a matching article. It is also possible to specify if the arrester requires an auxiliary contact.

In a second step you will configure the suitable arrester for the sub-distribution boards. Surge arresters for sub-distribution panels are only required if the sub-distribution is over 10 m distant from the main distribution board. If this is the case, the matching article and the corresponding quantity will be added according to the number of sub-distributions defined. Also in this step, you can additionally define auxiliary contacts.

In a third step you can select articles for the additional protection of other components. Not only the building as such must be protected against lightning surges or overcurrents, but also some additional components or appliances. The corresponding article will be automatically added to the parts list as soon as you select any of the systems that are present.

3. Completion

As soon as you have completed all inputs, Schrack Protect will generate a parts list containing all the required articles. You can add the parts list to your shopping cart with a single click and then immediately order the items. Also, you can download the article list in CSV format. Only one click and you can download the full documentation for your project! The documentation includes your individual details and the project details. It also includes the parts list, and any comments, for the additional component.


Support Enquiries

If you have questions not answered on this page or need further assistance regarding Schrack Protect, please do not hesitate to contact: digital(at)

We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible to your enquiry and get in touch with you!

Legal Note

The Lightning Surge Current Rating Configurator (Schrack Protect) is provided by Schrack free of charge as a means of service to help with the preliminary selecting of product components to support the planning and implementation of projects of the company Schrack Technik GmbH involving the inner lightning surge protection. It is expressly pointed out that users shall have to verify and, if applicable, adjust by themselves the configuration suggested by the Configurator with regards to their own requirements. Schrack accepts no liability whatsoever for accuracy and completeness.

If any errors or incompleteness with regards to the use of the Configurator become known to Schrack, Schrack will notify users accordingly and - to the extent possible - correct the Configurator. The most recent version of the Configurator is made available for use at the Schrack website  Users of the Configurator are requested to upgrade to the most recent version of the Schrack Lightning Surge Current Rating Configurator (Schrack Protect) of their own accord.