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Schrack Technik Products in EPlan Data Portal

As leading provider in power distribution we constantly seek out new ways for our customers to include our products in the planning and implementation stages of their projects. Therefore, in addition to the data provided on our website, our product data are also available with leading CAD planning software providers such as: EPlan.

EPLAN Software & Service develops CAE solutions and provides B2B consulting in engineering process optimisation. Customers benefit from the resulting increased efficiency in the product development and design process by implementing standardised methods, automated processes and end-to-end workflows. EPLAN delivers customised concepts for system introduction and implementation as well as seamless integration in existing IT/PLM system environments – and all this based on out-of-the-box engineering solutions. Their service portfolio also includes customising, consulting and training.

The EPLAN Data Portal is the platform where you can download our Schrack product data for your EPlan Software. It is an integrated, web based data platform providing updated device data. These data can be directly used for project planning with EPLAN Software solutions.

With the EPlan Service Agreement it is possible to import over 7000 Schrack Technik products from the EPlan Data Portal for use in projects, drawings and documentation.

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Among others, the following product ranges are available for EPlan users:

  • DIN rail mounting (RCD, RCBO, MCB/RCCB, remote switches, etc.)
  • Enclosures and distribution boards 
  • Circuit breakers 
  • Fuse systems  

All Schrack Technik products are available with purchase information, function templates and 2D graphics data!