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  • Schrack Scan & Order System

    Scanos - a scan program that makes your order process faster and easier. Scanos helps you to quickly compile multiple articles on a single device, which you can then upload in your user profile as a parts list and order right away.

The Solution for Perfect Warehousing

Finding an article in the warehouse is often a tedious task which takes a lot of time. Therefore, we have developed the Schrack Technik Scan & Order System “Scanos” for you. You don’t need a smartphone to use it and no fast internet connection.

Your Free Starter Bundle

  • The scanner Comfort or Advanced
  • The matching USB cable (Comfort) or USB docking station (Advanced)
  • A lanyard
  • Your personal Scan Book, including:
    •  150 labels of your most-bought articles
    • Lots of recommended products
    • The product groups of your most-bought articles in alphabetical order
  • Blank labels to create your own
  • The Schrack Scanos software
  • Your Top 150 articles in CSV format
  • A complete and easy-to-read user manual for reference
  • Shelves and boxes (optional)

For labelling we use the labels size Avery ZF 3421, because they fit on all commonly used shelves.
If you don’t yet use an optimised shelving system, we can help you to bring your warehouse up to date.

It’s that easy, here’s your step-by-step instruction:

Scan the EAN code or the QR code

  • From the product packaging
  • Or the EAN codes from your personal Scan Book








  • Open the Schrack Scanos software
  • Connect the scanner to your PC
  • The files are transferred from your scanner to the PC
  • And the scanned articles are saved as a parts list
  • The scanned article list has been added to your profile as a parts list
  • If you like, you can correct the quantities
  • Now you can simply send the order

Your Benefits

  • Easy warehousing
  • Efficient & quick ordering
  • Direct link to the Online Shop
  • Easy to use

The Requirements

  • Access to the Online Shop
  • Signing of a partnership agreement
  • You would like your warehousing to be more efficient and optimise your order process


If you enter into a partner agreement with us, you will get the scanner for free.


How do you get your Starter Bundle?

Get in touch with your personal sales representative, fill in our contact form or send an email to scanos(at)

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