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New mobile Website

Another great improvement on the Schrack Technik website!

We take customer feedback seriously. Therefore we have improved our website based on som of our customers' requests: now looks and works perfectly on mobile devices.

What's new on the Schrack Technik website

  • What's new on the start page?
  • Main menu
  • Login via My Account
  • News
  • 4 Main sections

The main menu in the top left takes you to the login or to the different product categories in the shop.

If you are a Schrack Technik customer and already have your login data, you can either use the main menu or the icon in the top right to log in.

If you don't yet have login data, use either of these two spots to register.

This is where you will find all the new information you need.

We have grouped the mai topics of interest in four main categories. These categories quickly take you to the sections:

  • Catalogues: Overview of all catalogues with the option to order free copies
  • Digital tools: All tools such as Schrack Design, Photovoltaics Calculator, KNX, product database, ...
  • Service: Forms and downloads such as drum pick-up, e-invoice, ...
  • Know-how: Overview of our product portfolio, videos and tutorials

Find Products Faster than Ever

In the new search field you can limit the search criteria right away, i.e. you can search in all or only som categories.

The search feature also suggests products, categories or alternative search terms.


The highlight filter shows

  • Products you bought earlier
  • Last viewed products
  • Top available products
  • Promotion products
  • Deals and clearance products

In the menu you will find the login, an overview of the complete product portfolio, and a single click takes you to all the catalogues.

After a search, the results displayed will be an overview of all products that match your criteria. For your convenience, there is a quick-add option, results from our knowledge base, and you can use plenty of filters to sort the results.

On the shop start page you will find your last viewed products as well as bargains and clearance sales.


The new mobile website perfectly adjusts to fit on screens of all sizes! No matter the brand or the device.

The main menu items are always located in the same position. This gives it a perfect look and feel on mobile devices. is ready for use on over 4000 types of devices!

Another new feature is the Schrack Info-i. Click on the i and you will get all the important information.


The personal contact remains a major feature also on the new mobile website!

It's that easy:

  1. Open
  2. Log in
  3. The contact details are always clearly visible: on the phone, tablet or PC


You can get to all our catalogs either from the main menu or our main theme at the bottom of the page.

So you can get to the catalogs with just one click!

See all Catalogues

Your Questions or Feedback about our New Mobile Website

We are happy to support you to get to know our new mobile website or if something does not work.

Please contact our Online Marketing Team with following form, we will contact you as soon as possible.

We are also looking forward to your feedback!