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  • Schrack Design Update 4.2

    Schrack Design is a software that helps you to plan distribution boards compliant with EN 61439, generates the required documentation and allows you to order the selected products in one go.

Distribution Boards: Easy and Reliable Planning

Schrack Design helps you to plan your electrical distribution board enclosures with ease and makes sure they comply with applicable standards. Besides creating assembly and wiring diagrams you can verify the thermal design of your planned distribution board according to IEC TR 60890 and thus meet a requirement of EN 61439 (up to 1600 A). Documentation is included, and you have a database of over 10,000 products at your disposal.
NEW: Automatic Wiring for RCD, MCB, and combined MCB/RCD

  • Electrical enclosure planning according to EN 61439: Thanks to the included complete power loss testing according to IEC 60890 your planned distribution board will meet the corresponding requirement of the EN 61436 standard (every new and modified electrical distribution board enclosure must meet this standard) - making sure you are on the safe side.
  • Proof of documents: All the relevant data, information details on your project and on the selected products, including the rating plate - compiled in a single document ready for printing.
  • Easy panel building and ordering of parts: You set the specifics for the final distribution board enclosure and we provide you with the required Schrack products - add the selected products to your Schrack basket with a single click.

6 Steps to a Compliant Distribution Board:

  1. Select articles
  2. Live thermal calculation
  3. Create front view
  4. Generate wiring diagrams
  5. Print documentation
  6. Order products

The Perfect Tool for Distribution Boards: Schrack Design

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We enhance and improve the functionalities of Schrack Design Software from time to time to make it both faster and easier to use. The extended functionalities now include:

  • Minimize the part list, so you don’t have to scroll far to come to the next enclosure.
  • It’s able to add articles from the right to the left.
  • Current table is adjustable (which article, which sorting).
  • Texts can be aligned (left, right, middle).
  • Minimize the part list, to get a bigger drawing-area.
  • There are shown normed symbols, when you add “own article”.
  • There are some new symbols in the one-line-scheme.
  • Improvements in the scheme have been done.
  • The Shortcuts are completed.

The new extended functionalities:

  • Automatic single- or multi-line wiring diagram
  • Easy handling of large projects in an additional window
  • Export to Excel available for circuit directory
  • CSV import now includes notes
  • Contact table for contactors

We are constantly adding functionalities to Schrack Design in order to make your working with the tool even more comfortable over time.

The new extended functionalities:

Automatically created multi-line wiring diagram:
Schrack Design recognises the articles from the parts list (RCD, MCB and combined MCB/RCD) and automatically creates a multi-line wiring diagram to match the front view.

Easy multi-line wiring diagram: With this function Schrack Design asks for every article added in the front view, where the articles (RCD, MCB or MCB/RCD) should be connected.

Recommendation of enclosure to match the parts list: You can add all articles to the parts list, then Schrack Design recommends the right enclosure. You just need to click on “Change enclosure” and then choose “Show only recommended enclosures".

Frame can be changed from A4 to A3: In the settings you can choose the size of the frame.

Block editor also in the front-view: Mark an article, right-click on it and choose the command “Edit block” - then you can change the front view.

Front plates will be added automatically by double-clicking: If you have a frame and front plates, you just have to insert the first plate by hand and the other will be inserted among themselves by double-clicking on the drawing.

Shortcut for every function: Each shortcut can be changed in the settings.

Change the order of the pages for printing: With drag&drop you can change the order of the pages.

Quicklinks for printing: Click on a page to open it directly.

Version 3.0

Thermal calculation up to 1600 A incl. graphical display of heat emission.

Easy connecting of symbols in wiring diagrams with angled connectors.

Wiring calculation included in the thermal calculation guide.

Tutorial videos available directly from Schrack Design.


Next time you start the software, version 3.0 will be automatically installed as soon as you click on "Update" to confirm the installation.

There are over 10,000 products in the article database which you can use to design your distribution board. You start by choosing either a distribution board enclosure or a suitable equipment body for your project. Then you add all the required components from the article database, your favorites or your own articles (Product/Article list can be found on the left-hand side and uses the same categories as the main catalogue). 

You can use the search functionality to look for products using the article number, the name or simply keywords. If you need to change the quantity of an article, you can do so when you select the product or afterwards for the defined products in the parts list (double-click on the article before you select it or - if already in the parts list - right-click on the article).

The Parts List functionality helps you to design one or several distribution boards independently from one another. It takes only a few steps to add or replace articles, change the quantity of an article or use pre-configured distribution boards.

If you select a modular distribution board with an article number for the complete enclosure (e.g.: EVN 3U24NE, IL164324NS), the system will display the parts list containing all the individual components of the enclosure. You can replace or remove individual articles from this list.

You can also use the outlined star icon to the right to define a product as a Favourite. It will be displayed in your personal article list (to the left of the product database) and will be available as a Favourite for you to use in future projects.

It is also possible to import a CSV file. This uploads your complete parts list into Schrack Design with a single click.

To design the front view of your distribution board simply drag the icons of all the distribution board components into the drawing window "Front View" and position them as required or insert them automatically by double-clicking. These design icons of the articles are available in the parts list to the right of the article. If you use the double-click function to insert the drawings automatically, Schrack Design recognizes when a row is full and automatically starts a new row.

When you use a pre-designed distribution panel, Schrack Design indicates where the front plates of the devices are and where it is possible to insert new articles.

By selecting an electrical component panel via its combined article number (e.g.: EVN 3U24NE, IL164324NS) you will automatically see the parts list with all its individual components as soon as you insert it.
Depending on your requirements, you can then modify the inserts in the distribution enclosure or replace individual components with others; e.g.: you might want to replace a slotted front plate 3G3 IL051303-H with a blind front plate 3B3 IL056303. To do so, simply search the product list and select the desired article.

The original set of articles of the distribution enclosure, however, remains in the list.

Create a single- or multi-line wiring diagram for your distribution board.
The multi-line wiring diagram for the RCD, MCB and MCB/RCD will be created automatically based on the front view design. For this function you have to activate the functionality „Automatic wiring” in the settings of Schrack Design. As soon as you have designed the front view and then click on the tab Multi-line wiring diagram, Schrack Design automatically draws the wiring diagram for you.

Of course you can also add you articles manually – simply take the symbols like in the front view per drag&drop and put them on the right place in the frame. Like in the front view, you can also add the articles automatically next to each other by double-clicking on the drawing.

To connect symbols or lines you can use the command “Angled connector”. This command inserts an angled connector, which you can rotate using the Tab key. Depending on where you position the angle the lines will be placed automatically.

There are several additional functionalities to support professional design planning. For example, it is possible to add a note to an article, which will be included automatically in the documentation (circuit directory). You can also link lines, which allows planning large projects. To avoid crossing lines all wiring icons can be individually edited, moved and placed.

Schrack Design monitors the temperature of the distribution board in real time and immediately displays a warning if the enclosure's temperature exceeds the allowed maximum.

This live thermal calculation is performed already when articles are added to the parts list. If the enclosure temperature exceeds the allowed maximum, the system displays a warning.

To recalibrate the distribution board, click on the icon that has turned red and follow the four steps of our Guide to make the system compliant with standards. Our Guide is a helpful assistant to solve the problem.

The Thermal Calculation Guide offers four easy steps which help you to recalibrate your distribution board to comply with standards. In the first step, you can adjust influencing factors such as the ambient temperature, mounting type and reduction factor.

These values have to match the actual conditions on site. It is also possible to replace the enclosure box and e.g. choose a larger or smaller body. In the second step, you can add the busbars or adjust the length of previously added busbars to calculate the actual temperature. Adjusting the length automatically adjusts the power loss of the product. In the third step you can add the wiring.

To do so, you need to specify such data as the cross-section, installation method and length. The wiring calculation is then made automatically. In the fourth step, the software will recommend a suitable ventilation system, if necessary, to lower the temperature to the range as specified in the standards. If you add this system to your project, all articles of the system are added to the parts list.

To print your IEC 890+A1 report for the distribution board simply use the print functionality. This Distribution Board/Test Report will contain the front view, wiring diagrams (multi- or single-line wiring diagram), parts list, positions table, circuit directory, declaration of conformity, and the power loss calculation according to IEC 890 + A1.

Last but not least the report will contain a rating plate with all the data you have provided for the calculated and rated distribution enclosure. Simply print the rating plate on a suitable printer (see section 8) and affix the plate inside the enclosure.

Schrack Design lets you print the rating plate of the distribution board quickly and efficiently!

We recommend the Ondot thermal transfer label printer TTP-245C for that purpose. If you are a Schrack Technik customer, you will receive special rates from Ondot when ordering the label printer. Send an email to info(at) with "Schrack Design" in the subject line.

You will find more details about the printer in the data sheet -

 download now

Video "Label printer"

The documents related to a distribution enclosure must be archived for a period of 10 years to meet applicable legal provisions. To do so, you can save the project any time. In addition, it is possible to print the documentation in PDF format.

You can use the Export function to save the parts list of the project either as .txt or .xls. Thus, with only a few clicks you can save the report or export your parts list.

As soon as the distribution enclosure is finished and meeting the standards, you can simply order all the required Schrack products in the Online Shop. If you click on the basket, the system will generate a corresponding parts list in your personal Schrack Technik User Account.

Support Inquiries

If you have questions not answered on this page or need further assistance regarding the Schrack Design software, please do not hesitate to contact: digital(at)
We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible to your inquiry and get in touch with you!