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Schrack LiVE Phone App

Discover the App?

Schrack Technik offers a brand-new app with which you can instantly access product information and contact us from wherever you are:
Product enquiries, orders, product identification based on an EAN code, download of product documentation and product availability.

Search and Scan

To enquire about products, their availability or prices, you can search for articles by entering the article name, the article number or the EAN number code.

Products can also be found through the built-in scan function. The app automatically identifies the product code. The product you are looking for will appear on the screen of the iPhone or iPad together with all options. You can find the scan code of the desired product not only on the product itself and on its packaging, but also in all Schrack Technik mailings and catalogues. We also provide labels for your warehouse.

Product Details

You can view all the relevant information and data sheets and forward them to others. Ordering is really simple: choose the product and put it into the shopping cart or on a shopping list and, of course, purchase it. 

Personal Contact

With the app you can also get in touch personally to talk with the responsible member of our staff.

Free Download

Every iPhone or iPad can be turned into a Schrack Technik LiVE Phone or LiVE Pad and become a handy tool during your everyday work. Go todownload the free

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How to use the LiVE App