Schrack Technik GmbH, Wien

Current Monitoring Relays

Current fluctuations to a certain degree are normal in every electrical network. Usually, they pose no threat to connected equipment or appliances. However, if these variances exceed certain limitations (which may happen occasionally in real-life systems), they may damage or ruin some components or assemblies integrated in your system. As a result, the system no longer operates flawlessly and there is the possibility of subsequent damage. In the worst case, the system may completely shut down and be inoperable for some time. To prevent such nightmare scenarios, Schrack Technik presents the ideal solution and optimum safeguard for your production equipment with its current monitoring relays.


Series 5 Current Monitoring Relay

As long as the supply voltage lies within regular limits the green LED is on. If the measured current exceeds the defined critical value, the yellow LED turns on and the output relay closes. The yellow LED turns off when the current returns below the critical value.

Series 6 Current Monitoring Relay

The Series 6 current monitoring relays from Schrack Technik even go one step further: While the Series 5 models only provide AC monitoring in one-phase networks, Series 6 monitors AC and DC one-phase networks and offers a range of additional optional settings (separately adjustable start-up suppression time and tripping delay, and other freely selectable settings).

Used for:

  • Protection in case of voltage reversal
  • Motor control circuits
  • Undervoltage and overvoltage protection