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Vacuum Contactors

Vacuum Contactors - LSD Contactors

There are basically two types of contactors, air contactors and vacuum contactors. In air contactors it is possible for sparks to be generated during switching. The special design of vacuum contactors prevents any sparks. The switching contacts in vacuum contactors are contained in an evacuated switching tube – it is impossible for sparks to form and the contacts cannot be incinerated – and the service life is virtually unlimited.



Precise and Reliable Motor Control with Schrack Technik Contactors.

Thermal Overload Relays

Safeguard your motor from phase failure or overload.

Motor Protection Switches

Protect your motor with the BE Series motor protection switches from Schrack Technik.

Combination Contactors

Pre-assembled combination contactors - ready for use with Schrack Technik.

Auxiliary Contactors

Schrack Technik auxiliary contactors complement your main contactors.

Modular Contactors

Automate Your Processes and Activities with Modular Contactors from Schrack Technik.

Schrack Technik offers vacuum contactors of the sizes 6/10/12/14. Please contact us for vacuum contactors in other sizes.



  • Three-phase AC appliances up to 1000 V operating voltage (non-wearing contacts)