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Thermal Overload Relays

Thermal Overload Relays

Thermal overload relays are installed in the main circuit when electromechanical protection is adequate. This protects the motor in case of phase failure or overload. The thermal overload relay does not directly shut down the load. Instead, it triggers one or several auxiliary contacts which then disconnect the motor. Most thermal overload relays can be mounted directly to the contactor. Thermal overload relays have three pins. They contain a thermal release - hence the name - usually a bimetal element. Direct or indirect heating caused by overload bends the bimetal release and the relay trips.



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Thermal Overload Relays

Since a thermal overload relay will not trip in case of a short circuit, additional fuses are necessary for short circuit protection.  The thermal overload relays from Schrack Technik have an additional phase failure protection, which monitors voltage in the three-phase AC live wires. The thermal overload relays from Schrack Technik can be reset manually and automatically. They have a testing function and a STOP button.

Protect your motor in case of phase failure or overload with a thermal overload relay from Schrack Technik.