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Motor Protection Switches

BE Series Motor Protection Switches

Protect your motor: to safeguard your motor from thermal overload in case of mechanical stress it is best to use a motor protection switch. Its fuseless construction makes the motor protection switch a very cost-efficient type of protection with a small footprint. It also makes sure that the motor is shut down very quickly in case of a short circuit. Even with one or two live wires failing, the motor protection switch will disconnect within milliseconds to protect the motor from harm. Motor protection switches are also used as manual ON/OFF switches. Whenever it is necessary, whether triggered by yourself or by a faulty circuit, the motor protection switch will shut down the motor to prevent it from getting damaged.



Precise and Reliable Motor Control with Schrack Technik Contactors.

Thermal Overload Relays

Safeguard your motor from phase failure or overload.

Combination Contactors

Pre-assembled combination contactors - ready for use with Schrack Technik.

Vacuum Contactors

Schrack Technik vacuum contactors are an alternative to air contactors.

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Schrack Technik auxiliary contactors complement your main contactors.

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Automate Your Processes and Activities with Modular Contactors from Schrack Technik.

Motor Protection Switches

The BE motor protection switches from Schrack Technik are available in the sizes 00 to 3. They are easy to mount thanks to their small size. It is also possible to easily mount the BE motor protection switches on contactors. A sensible range of accessories is available to complement your fusebox. The BES series can be combined with auxiliary contacts, signalling switches, undervoltage releases, remote releases, and a whole lot of other accessories. For combined mounting in the fusebox rails, feed terminals and blind covers are available. Of course, Schrack Technik also offers matching plastic housings or suitable locks. Make sure that your motor's fusebox contains a motor protection switch from Schrack Technik.