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Combination Contactors

Combination Contactors

At Schrack you can either order all combination parts separately or take advantage of our pre-assembled combination contactors – available also with AC and DC coil.


Precise and Reliable Motor Control with Schrack Technik Contactors.

Thermal Overload Relays

Safeguard your motor from phase failure or overload.

Motor Protection Switches

Protect your motor with the BE Series motor protection switches from Schrack Technik.

Vacuum Contactors

Schrack Technik vacuum contactors are an alternative to air contactors.

Auxiliary Contactors

Schrack Technik auxiliary contactors complement your main contactors.

Modular Contactors

Automate Your Processes and Activities with Modular Contactors from Schrack Technik.

The advantage of these combination contactors is that you can instantly use them. Their individual components are perfectly tuned to one another. Schrack Technik offers reversing assembly combinations AC3 up to 45 kW and LSY star-delta combinations up to 110 kW. If you prefer, you can always assemble your combination contactors yourself. Please take a look at our optional accessory offers.



  • Reversing connections
  • Star-delta starting