Terminate Risk

The extensive portfolio of terminal connectors and blocks by SCHRACK TECHNIK always ensures

  • safe and firm contact when connecting cables, wires & leads 
  • conformity with state-of-the-art technology and offers products for all types of usage

Insulating materials, connecting metals and conducting materials all comply with international standards. Electrical losses are reduced to a minimum.



New technical developments and requirements in the electricity sector as well as their properties and their areas of application make terminals the state of the art.

Terminals play a prominent role in system safety. Therefore, it is essential that they meet the following requirements:

  • The current carrying parts must be made of metals which reduce electrical losses to a minimum.
  • The insulating plastic case must be non-flammable and self extinguishing.
  • The fixing screws must not become loose in their threads due to external influences.
  • The yoke must provide full contact with the conductor and prevent it from being loosened by external forces