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RCBO Combined MCB/RCCB 3+N offers safe and secure protection through individual disconnection of PDBs and highest reliability in securing workplace power outlets.   

Schrack Info:

  • Type A: pulsed-current sensitive
  • Connection independent of the direction of the electric current
  • Independent of the mains voltage
  • Double clamp terminals on both sides
  • Protective cover with insulation
  • Window with tripped indicator (white - blue)
  • Window with color-coded contact position indicator (red/green)
  • Mounting in all angles

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Priority Innovation


Before tripping unexpectedly, the RCD displays the residual current level so that the actual tripping can be prevented. In addition, the SCHRACK PRIORI indicates excess residual current caused by lighting, power supply units, etc. to delay tripping and to prevent data loss or down-times.

These types of RCDs are independent of the mains voltage and can be used as additional RC protection measures if installed according to usage specifications.

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SCHRACK PRIORI RCD indicates residual currents caused by defective devices, such as e.g. refrigerators, washing machines, electric cookers, irons or other devices with switch-mode power supplies (e.g. PCs, LCD TV sets).