Turn Efficient

The relay segment covers the most traditional product familiy of SCHRACK TECHNIK. In Austria, for exampe, our established market share in this product familiy is as much as 35 percent, making us the undisputed market leader. SCHRACK TECHNIK relays are top quality products and one-hundred percent reliable. They perfectly represent our extensive know-how and our decades' worth of experience.

Star-Delta Relay, Series 5

Star-delta starting (S)

Connection of the supply voltage U energizes the output relay for the star contactor (yellow LED is on) and the set star-time (t1) commences (green LED U/t flashes on-off). After expiry of the star-time (green LED U/t stays on) the putput relay for the star contactor opens (yellow LED is off) and the set transfer time (t2) follows.

When the transfer time is over, the output relay for the delta relay closes. To re-initialise the function the supply voltage U must be disconnected and then re-applied.

  • Star-delta starting
  • 2 dependent contacts
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Component width 35 mm
  • In-line design