Get Rid of Electrosmog!

Alarm clock radios or electric heating blankets often cause unfavourable electric or magnetic fields. These home-made sources of electrosmog often cause higher electric stress levels than those outside our direct influence, such as e.g. high voltage power lines, transformer stations or railway power lines and cell towers.

The electric field depends on the line voltage, i.e. it exists even when no power is drawn by devices. Electrosmog can cause different types of symptoms.

The Schrack Solution: Mains Disconnector NAK 16/3

  • Residual ripple can hardly be measured at all. Capacity couplings caused by parallel lines in real distributions are actively diverted.
  • No additional base load elements required later. Electrical devices (e.g. lamps, vacuum cleaners, shavers) need not be retrofitted with additional base load elements.
  • Easy monitoring. Correct operation can be easily monitored via the included operating lamp.

No more hazardous electromagnetic fields. All lines after the fusebox are disconnected, which leaves them reliably without mains voltage. Of course, when power is drawn, the generation of electrical and magnetic fields (electrosmog) cannot be prevented.

Enjoy the stress relief!