Lightning-fast Protection

A computer, a printer, one or more TV sets, a satellite receiver, DVD players, digital cameras etc. All these and more are commonplace in almost every home these days. Who knows which gadgets will join them in the future? The abundance of electronic devices makes it necessary to safeguard homes and houses against power surges and excess voltage. All the more so, as adverse weather conditions and nearly catastrophic thunderstorms are becoming more frequent every year. As a result, excess voltage is a frequent cause for damaged electric and electronic equipment in private homes.

Of course, also for industrial enterprises and businesses, power surges and excess voltage cause damage and subsequent down-times, which gives rise to enormous costs every year. SCHRACK TECHNIK assumes a vanguard position in the market by offering an intelligent and efficient product range in the segment of overvoltage protection and lightning current arresters. In this respect, we have been the trusted partner of electricians and electrical engineers for decades.