Point the Way

Trust in SCHRACK TECHNIK products to be on the safe side, whether you are using one of our proven wall switches or our wireless smoke alerts, which instantly detect smoke emissions in homes, houses, office buildings, etc. Also designed for your peace of mind are the motion and presence detectors by SCHRACK TECHNIK, which are even sensitive to sound.


Design FASHION - At Home Everywhere

The switch design series FASHION is convincingly versatile:This product family can be used for general-purpose installations, in intercoms and door phones and for building automation systems. The types Thermo break-proof and IP44 are made of a special robust and break-proof material.These switches meet the highest requirements for safety and break-proofness to be used, for example, in playrooms, home gyms or hobby rooms as well as in school buildings or nurseries. The FASHION Thermo break-proof is built with an 83.5mm wide frame, which makes it perfectly suitable to install in commercial trunking. Highly touch-proof wall outlets (child-proof) are also available.Frame (all material types): 1 to 5 layers

Surface mount frame up to 3 layers

Use: horizontal/vertical

Material: Duro highly scratch-proof or Thermo break-proof

All parts are halogen-free

Thermo break-proof with 83.5mm wide frame especially suitable for commercial trunking