Neozed D0 - Fuse Material: TYTAN® - Main Protection

What is the Main Protection?

The main protection consists of a fuse-disconnector and a relay with a matched electronic monitoring system.

What Does the TYTAN Main Protection Do?

The TYTAN main protection is a switchable D02 fuse with fuse monitoring. It is connected to the relay and used to monitor an individual circuit.

How Does the TYTAN Main Protection Work?

Being connected with the fuse-disconnector the relay detects any temperature rise or a short circuit. It establishes a floating contact and awaits the next action. The error is visually indicated by LEDs both on the fuse-disconnector and on the relay.


It is possible to connect one relay to up to 12 TYTAN units in series on a DIN rail or on 60mm busbars.


LEDs on the TYTAN unit and on the relay indicate operating states and errors.

Closing Safety Gaps

The TYTAN main protection is the premium short circuit protection. The fuse disconnects instantly within 0.1ms. This is 40 times faster than traditional electromechanical switches.

The TYTAN Main Protection Safeguards Against Two-Phase-Operation

A short circuit between the line conductor and N or PE causes a hazardous two-phase operation. If the motor operates at part load, the bimetal motor protection relay does not trip. However, the main protection immediately reacts and deactivates the motor.

The TYTAN Main Protection Prevents Overheating

The fuse-disconnector is constantly monitored for overheating.

Fault Evaluation

Operators can easily determine whether they can immediately effect repairs or wheter to call the local electrician.

What are the Main Usage Scenarios for the TYTAN Main Protection?

It is used in water supply or sewage pump stations and for safeguarding engines or lighting and ventilation systems in e.g. tunnels and the like.

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