Top Technology - Top System

The SCHRACK circuit breakers MC and MO blend proven technology with state-of-the-art innovation. The switches are intelligent and perfectly match when combined. Both circuit breakers MC and MO sport modern communication functionalities.

They offer more than just perfect protection from 0.16 A to 6300 A. The MC and MO switches mark a new generation of circuit breakers, which are sufficiently modular to allow each and every type of power distribution application.

SCHRACK circuit breakers save money, they can be combined most flexibly and are suitable for integration in cross-connected system solutions.

Naturally Selective

The SCHRACK circuit breakers MC and MO are designed to achieve high selectivity. Setting up a selective network is easy with these switches.

New Communication for New Possibilities 

The communication capabilities of the SCHRACK circuit breakers MC and MO open up a new world of possibilities for power distribution and automation. Relevant information can be obtained simultaneously. All results are available on site and the transfer of data to higher-level systems is easy as pie. The system becomes more transparent and the response times to critical events, such as overcurrent, phase imbalance or phase failure are minimised. Consequently, these switches help to take selective measures to prevent system failure and to schedule maintenance activities in time. They can increase plant and system availability and avoid costly production down-times. 

How Systems and Plants Benefit from Our Circuit Breakers:

  • Circuit breakers protect, connect and disconnect as required.
  • Circuit breakers always switch all three phases, which prevents motors running on only two phases.
  • Once the problem has been resolved, a tripped circuit breaker can be simply re-activated.
  • Circuit breakers can be switched on or off remotely while indicating the state of the device.