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Accept Quotation

All our quotations available for you to accept are listed in the "My Account" section. Quotations selected in the rightmost column may be added to the shopping cart to place the order.

Please note that:

  • You need to accept the quotation as is
  • Only quotations not yet ordered can be accepted
  • You may make changes to the quotation within its defined validity period and you may modify your online quotes within one working day
  • The validity period of our quotes generally is 14 days
  • The default payment terms are always set to "days after invoice"
  • It is possible to select Pick-up or Delivery (to standard addresses).

As soon as you have accepted the quotation, the system will show the detailed Order Overview, where you can check your order.



My Account is Your Tool to Use

  • You can manage your own data in the "My Account" section, where you will always get an overview of all your documents. You can open these documents, organise them or put them in your cart sorted by articles.
  • You can use the "My Account" section to plan and organise your individual projects with Schrack products. Use the navigation features at the top of the start page for your quick login.
  • You need to have a Schrack Technik customer account and be logged in to have access to My Account. If you are not registered yet and if you are purchasing on behalf of a company - register now!

My Account Benefits

  • You can add multiple personal Parts Lists without limitation. This is where you save the articles you need and where you can retrieve them easily to put them in the shopping cart.
  • In the left-hand navigation you can now see all your quotes, orders, shipments and invoices.
  • You can use CSV uploads to place volume orders with a single click of a button.


Easy Management of Your Data

  •  You can manage your customer account quickly and easily any time in the "My Data" section, whether you want to change an address, add a new shipping address or create a new customer account.
  • Adding a person is easy as well: Simply enter the person's name and the function of the employee (administrator, buyer or estimator).




Document Search

  • Use the document search and enter the document number to quickly find any quotation, delivery note or invoice you are looking for.
  • The quick search option shows you all your documents and gives you an overview of your data.

Your daily work using "My Account" - watch the video

Special Explanation of the "My Account" Main Functions