Schrack Design Software

Schrack design supports you by the distributor planning to EN 61439 and offers you the demonstrable documentation as well as a quick one Ordering of the well-chosen products.

Distributor: Simply and certainly plan

Switch cupboard planning made easy! Schrack design is software which supports you by the easy and sure planning of switch cupboards. In addition to the production of construction and stream run plans you can check the thermal design of your planned distributor after IEC 60890 and fulfil a requirement of EN 61439 (to 630A) with it and document, with an article data bank of more than 10,000 products.


  • Switch cupboard planning to EN 61439: fulfil with the loss performance test according to IEC 60890 of her planned distributor a requirement of EN 61439 (this norm must be fulfilled for every new and adapted electric installation distributor) - with it you stand certainly on the sure side.
  • Demonstrable documentation: All relevant data, information about your project and the elective products as well as the type sign - accumulatedly in a document for printing out.
  • An easy order: They define the final-ready distributor product and we deliver the necessary Schrack products to you – with a click, the elective products in your Schrack goods basket insert.


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For penetrating questions and support to the software Schrack Desgin you address please: digital(at)schrack. at. We will work on your inquiry as fast as possible and take up with you in contact!